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For individual build instructions, please see

  1. The ISSE project uses the JUCE toolkit for development. JUCE is an "all-encompassing C++ class library for developing cross-platform software". This means, we use JUCE both as an API (GUI widgets + audio playback) and as a project builder via the Introjucer. The Introjucer is a tool that automatically generates compiler-specific projects for Xcode, Visual Studio, Linux Makefiles, etc.
  2. If you are trying to build the ISSE project on a different platform or require any modification to the Makefile for a different version of Linux, etc., you should probably use the Introjucer. To build the Introjucer, navigate to sdks/juce/extras/Introjucer/Builds and build the appropriate project. Then load the ISSE.jucer within the Introjucer and you will see how to modify the individual project files.
  3. As of 12/13, there are currently to two git repositories for the ISSE project: code and extra-code. The main repo you should clone is the "code" repo. The "extra-code" repo is used as a submodule to the main "code" repo and supplies extra files for compiling on osx and windows. If you are only interested in compiling for linux, you will only need the "code" repo and not the "extra-code" repo.
  4. Also, due to previously added media files to the repo and a partially corrupted .git/config file, we had to recreate the main code repo to reduce the file size and eliminate any commits with large media files. Any audio or .isse files will be distributed directly from the website and not be placed in the git repo.